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We provide comprehensive training for the life of our agreement with client credit unions. MAP is your first point of contact for all your training, client services and implementation research.

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ATM Driving Services

MAP’s ATM Driving solution gives you the tools to manage and streamline your ATM program. MAP supports a wide range of ATM driving device types and a variety of cash and non-cash transactions. We provide a selection of special features — including language and marketing options — to expand your ATMs’ appeal and increase ATM revenue streams. Reports and back-office tools, including access to real-time ATM monitoring via a web browser, help you effectively manage your ATM service and monitor the success of your program.

ATM Terminal Driving

Reduce costs and improve prove performance across your ATM Fleet

MAP’s ATM driving helps to consolidate all of your card and ATM processing, helping to reduce the number of technical interfaces and vendors you manage. MAP drives your terminals, with the ATM volume included in your transaction totals — helping you move to more favorable pricing thresholds, reducing your overall electronic processing costs. Our ATM driving solution can reduce costs and enhance the profitability of your ATM investment.


Reduce Costs

Processing all debit card and ATM activity through MAP lowers your tiered processing costs. MAP may reduce or eliminate costs associated with platform maintenance, research and development, and testing and certification.

Enhance Revenue

Expand ATM services to include non-cash dispense transactions such as stamps and coupons, increasing revenue generating opportunities.

Streamline back-office processing

MAP provides single-point settlement and exception processing for all your ATM and card activity.

Shared Deposits

MAP supports shared deposit processing through regional and national networks such as the Visa/PLUS ATM network. This service allows your cardholders to make deposits using ATMs of participating Acquirers.

Surcharge Support

MAP supports the addition of a surcharge fee to specific transactions defined by your financial institution. MAP also supports arrangements for no-surcharging and no-surcharge alliances.

ATM Administration

Get a complete picture of your ATM investment

MAP provides online, terminal-based applications to assist in ATM management, including:

Surcharge-Free ATM Networks

Participate in the Participate in the of Surcharge-Free ATMs

While many members access ATMs locally, credit unions can expand their reach by participating in a surcharge-free ATM network. As part of the MoneyPass network, members can get access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs at top retailers and other convenient locations across the U.S.

MoneyPass Network:

ATM Monitoring

Network monitoring support 24/7/365

MAP provides fully automated device monitoring, notification, and fault reporting provides prompt notification and escalation when faults occur, including:

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