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We provide comprehensive training for the life of our agreement with client credit unions. MAP is your first point of contact for all your training, client services and implementation research.

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Campaign Management

Keeping your cardholders engaged is challenging

Campaigns are vital to health and profitability of our credit union’s card portfolio.  Institutions employ campaigns for many reasons, including Member Acquisition, Cross-Selling, Brand Awareness, Education and Communication, Fraud Prevention and more. Whether to attract new customers, to enhance loyalty, or simply communicate changes in terms or conditions, credit union enjoy state-of-the-art Campaign Solutions from Member Access Processing

To stay competitive and relevant in today’s marketplace you need to:

MAP Campaign Solutions

Grow revenue and increase your portfolio's reach!

MAP’s Portfolio Team assists your staff to set benchmarks and succeed incrementally toward revenue and efficiency goals. The tools and resources available through MAP Campaign Solutions can assist a credit union in creating value at every phase of the cardholder lifecycle and fostering member growth the key stages: acquisition/penetration, activation and usage. You’ll find valuable information and resources for each stage, including:

Marketing approach and best practices

Channel considerations and recommended messaging

Access to free plug-n-play creative marketing assets

Visa Campaign Solutions

Turnkey materials to jump-start your marketing campaigns

Visa Campaign Solutions (VCS) provides credit unions with an automated, end-to-end marketing and messaging solution to drive engagement with their brand and build overall lifetime value for their cardholders. With VCS, you can drive portfolio growth at every phase of campaign planning and execution.

Campaign design and strategy

Count on Visa to help inform your campaign strategy and develop a comprehensive calendar that could help deepen customer relationships.

Automated cardholder segmentation and targeting

Minimize time spent extracting cardholder lists. Apply marketing and communications permissions and contact fatigue rules

Consult on the development of offers and creative marketing collateral

Customize turnkey creative with your colors, card art, offer, and logo.

Multichannel delivery to cardholders

Help increase effectiveness of messaging with email, direct mail, and more.

Automated qualification and fulfillment

Enable same day or end-of-offer period qualification. Automatically generate statement credits to qualifying cardholders.

Reporting and analysis of campaign performance

Receive comprehensive post-campaign results to track performance and enable continual improvements.

ATM Campaigns

Make the most of your ATM Investment

TM marketing enables your institution to define, distribute, and manage marketing campaigns while enhancing cross-selling and product promotion opportunities. MAP ATM marketing solutions include:

Multi-Ad Campaigns

Credit union can deploy remote graphics distributed to it ATM fleet with linkable coupon printing.

Marketing screens

Credit union define and deploy graphics and video throughout transaction process, from Welcome to Thank You screens.

Customizable receipts

Credit union may define and print a special marketing message on the customer’s transaction receipt.


ATM are equipped to dispense non-cash for coupons and alternative print media

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