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Working with industry-leading technology companies and service providers, we leverage core competencies to deliver the most innovative and practical solutions to client credit unions.

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We provide comprehensive training for the life of our agreement with client credit unions. MAP is your first point of contact for all your training, client services and implementation research.

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Cardholder Management

Single Solution for all your card processing

With MAP’s Cardholder Management solution, your credit union can administer all of its payment solutions from a single platform. MAP provides comprehensive processing support for the full suite of Visa deposit access products and services, ATM terminal driving, and gateway access to regional and national ATM or POS networks. Your credit union can take advantage of the full range of MAP support on a single-point connectivity platform that makes access to the full range of existing and emerging debit products easy and economical.

Card & Account Maintenance

Access and update cardholder information in Real Time

Card & Account Maintenance, part of our Client Administrative Tools and Services (CATS) suite of browser-based applications, makes performing all the tasks associated with card and account records easy:

Search, add, delete and update

From basic cardholder or account number search to robust name search capabilities, it’s easy to find and work with the data you need.

Maintenance history

See a comprehensive history of any actions taken on your cardholder and who performed them.

Fraud monitoring suppression

The integration of Card & Account Maintenance with our risk management system allows you to limit fraud monitoring for a specified period while a cardholder is traveling.

Monitor call center activity

Review Visa call center card activation and hot card activities to stay abreast of actions taken on behalf of your cardholders.

MAP Plastics

MAP offers credit unions World Class plastics and fulfillment

MAP Plastics is a ‘world class’ solution out of the gate. From traditional credit and debit banking cards to fast-paced prepaid and image card applications, MAP Plastics offers magnetic stripe, contact, contactless and dual-interface cards for any traditional or EMV card program. Coupled with Card and Account Maintenance within CATS, MAP clients will be able to directly manage and monitor member cardholder information and have access to a wealth of well-organized information. MAP Plastics provides a proprietary card management platform for tracking, inventory, and delivery management.

MAP has created an affordable alternative to what’s currently available on the market today. Leveraging the combined buying power of financial institutions from across the United States, MAP provides state-of-the-art card production and fulfillment at wholesale pricing. Large or small, credit unions of any size can save with MAP Plastics.

Instant Issuance

A solution to increase card activation & usage across your membership

With Instant Issuance, you can remove the hurdles to new card adoption and establish preferred behaviors early. Delight your members by delivering a new secure, payment card on the spot. Instant issuance provides true competitive differentiation and help you keep your debit and credit cards top of wallet. Cardholders can access their money and make purchases immediately, without waiting 7 to 10 business days to receive their card in the mail.

Financial Benefits of Instant Issue Cards:

Key Features:

The following Instant Issue processes can be completed in real-time when a customer opens a new account:

Prepaid Issuance

MAP offers two primary Prepaid Card offerings: Gift and General Purpose Reloadable. You can choose either one or a both solutions to achieve your membership goals. Processed on the Visa prepaid platform, MAP offers a highly secure, flexible prepaid product and processing solutions that allows your credit union to build a prepaid card solution to best fit your needs and goals. Our comprehensive prepaid card processing platform offers a combination of features and network options – PIN, POS and ATM and surcharge-free network solutions. MAP’s scalable, reloadable platform and systems enable your institution to select only the functions you need to support your business requirements, differentiate product offerings, and take advantage of new product opportunities. MAP’s prepaid card solutions are designed to help you build and expand your existing card portfolio and efficiently serve targeted member groups.

The MAP Visa-branded General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Prepaid Card delivers a complete array of product features, solutions and functionality. Your institution has much more flexibility and product features to choose from, including Visa Debit, PIN POS, ATM access, and Surcharge-Free ATM offerings. Our full-featured card platform is also reloadable. MAP General Purpose Reloadable Prepaid products provide each client with desktop tools to perform Instant Issuance, web-based load and management of card stock inventory.

The MAP Visa-branded Gift Card is a customer friendly product that can be deployed throughout your financial institution and branches with ease and efficiency. We provide all the tools necessary to support your Instant Issuance of Visa Gift Cards that allow immediate card use by your customers.

MAP is speeding up the process for your credit union members to have access to Prepaid funds! The MAP Visa-branded Prepaid Virtual Card (General Purpose Reloadable) GPR is now available for purchase and delivered instantly for activation and use via the Consumer Website (CWS).

MAPrepaids, in partnership with Visa®, is an early adopter of ReadyLink, an innovative, new service that lets consumers quickly and securely add funds to Visa® Reloadable Prepaid Cards through cash-accepting ATMs. ReadyLink uses a load partner’s existing payment acceptance infrastructure and once funds are loaded onto a card, they’re ready for immediate use.

User Interface

Streamline program management with Easy, Online Access

Access all of your information and program tools through our easy to use online portals. From back office capabilities to documentation about available products and services, these portals give you single sign-on entry points to almost everything you need.

Access an array of browser-based back-office applications from the convenience of a single portal, including:

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