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We provide comprehensive training for the life of our agreement with client credit unions. MAP is your first point of contact for all your training, client services and implementation research.

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Why MAP is consistently rated a 80+ Net Promoter Score by our client credit unions.

Selco Community Credit Union

Finding the right card processing platform with MAP

SELCO wanted to ensure it was delivering its members a secure product platform that enhanced transparency, functionality, and accessibility of debit card usage. But due to changing customer demands, innovations in the payments industry and the desire to upgrade to new technologies, SELCO recognized that it needed a partner at the forefront of the latest card processing advancements to better serve their members.

Connection Credit Union

A Worry-Free, Collaborative Implementation

“This conversion was twice as smooth as any other one I have gone through!” He adds that “these are two great vendors to work with because they are always responsive and are vested in our ongoing success.”

JM Associates Federal Credit Union

Overcoming the Myths of Full-Service Card Processing

“You may have a different list of reasons why you are hesitant to bring your credit card program in-house,” said Jim, “but there are a few JMAFCU had to overcome before we could get comfortable with the idea.”

TwinStar Credit Union

MAP Risk Management Tools slash fraud at Twinstar Credit Union

It’s essential that these transactions are made securely. Unfortunately, millions of Americans have their cards compromised every year. Financial institutions work to fight this problem by implementing controls over which transactions can be successfully made and by contacting consumers when a purchase looks fishy.

Our Community Credit Union

OCCU Earns the Lowest Fraud Rate on the Visa System

OCCU chose Member Access Processing because they specialize in providing card services for credit unions. That specialization includes understanding the vital importance of relationships between credit unions and their members. MAP was created to help credit unions match the card service programs of larger banks without sacrificing the customer service that credit unions are known for.

Grow Financial Credit Union

Grow Financial Loves it Prepaid Program

“We have achieved what our original objectives were – replacement of the Traveler’s Check program, having a product alternative to gift cash, and setting of the stage for a reloadable product” – Wes Strickland SVP of Marketing

Waterfront Federal Credit Union

Waterfront Successfully Switches to EMV with MAP’s Help

Waterfront’s members base of more than 5,500 are pleased with the advancements their credit union made. They’re particularly grateful that their credit union took the right steps to ensure every member’s finances were safe, secure and handled by an institution that’s up to date on the latest industry standards — a distinction that MAP helped Waterfront achieve.

Unitus Community Credit Union

Meeting Members Where They Are With Virtual Branches

The credit union saw the Virtual Branch as a way to meet members where they are and expand access without the need to open additional physical branches. Unitus deployed Glia’s Digital Customer Service platform to bring personalized service and video banking to their members online. resulting in increased adoption with their new online banking platform, reduced reliance on physical branches, and expanded member access to product and services.

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