EMV at a Small Credit Union

Waterfront Federal Credit Union: Successfully Switches to EMV with MAP’s Help

““MAP led the project and held weekly meetings and our Project Lead did a fantastic job keeping everyone on track and solving issues when they arose.”


-Rebecca Schmidt. President and CEO Waterfront Federal Credit Union

As the EMV liability shift deadline loomed in 2015, financial institutions across the country scrambled to determine how best to handle the change.

The transition wouldn’t be easy: Every consumer credit and debit card needed to be replaced with a chip-enabled card.

That in itself would be a challenge. But often, institutions discovered they had to find a new plastics vendor just to get those new cards made. Plus, many credit unions and banks needed to update or replace some of the systems they had been using in-house for years.

Waterfront Credit Union’s situation was no different when it came to the tasks that needed to be completed. But this institution had one resource that would help the entire process go smoothly and get completed quickly. That resource was a long-standing relationship with Member Access Processing.