Implementations - White Paper

White Paper - Implementation at Connection Credit Union



“This conversion was twice as smooth as any other one I have gone through!” He adds that “these are two great vendors to work with because they are always responsive and are vested in our ongoing success.” Scott Prior, President @ Connection CU

Bringing our clients together with advanced offerings is one of our main goals. In order to do this we have to stay open-minded with regards to partners and be extremely flexible for our clients and the vendor.  Clearly evidenced in the white paper is that MAP is constantly striving to bring the client’s perspective to the forefront so the the reader can understand how good or bad the process went and/or the solution performs. Working with Scott Prior at Connection Credit Union and the Team at ESP Solutions was a good experience and as you can see in the white paper, Scott would agree.

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This White Paper that was provided by  CU tech-talk.