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We provide comprehensive training for the life of our agreement with client credit unions. MAP is your first point of contact for all your training, client services and implementation research.

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Dispute Management

Effectively resolving disputed transactions requires specific knowledge of consumer laws and network operating regulations. MAP continually works with Visa and our credit union clients to streamline the dispute-resolution process to eliminate invalid disputes and responses, simplify rules, and reduced the overall resolution time frames. Our unique insight into dispute regulations coupled with our leading-edge systems offers a dispute resolution resource that can deliver significant business benefits.

Dispute Support for your credit union

Turn dispute processing over to the Experts

MAP provides the expertise to maximize your credit union’s disputed transaction recoveries.

With our Dispute Analysis Support (DAS) Team, you can turn dispute processing over to experts that will manage these claims for your institution. Our knowledgeable DAS Team has vast experience with all aspects of dispute resolution management and understands the best ways to maximize recoveries.

DAS analysts are fully trained in network dispute resolution. Beginning with an analysis of each case for recovery potential, DAS tracks and reports on all aspects in the dispute process life cycle.

Dispute Services Offered depending on credit union’s chosen the level of support:

Dispute Support for member cardholder

Dispute Support for member cardholder 24x7x365 to support members.

MAP credit union clients have the option of having our Call Center perform dispute intake for their cardholders. Dispute Agents are available to accept cardholder calls 24x7x365 in English and Spanish, including the collection the required information about the dispute, opening the case on posted transactions, and creating a provisional credit. 

The dispute analysts will review each disputed transaction for recovery rights and process dispute items on behalf of credit union for all supported networks. Additionally, cardholders will receive communication throughout the dispute life cycle for items relating to required information and credit provisioning, including an explanation of denied claim.

Dispute Research & Case Management

Access and update cardholder information in Real Time

MAP provides credit unions with a web-based application to support the research and support of dispute research and case management. Visa Resolve Online (VROL) is used to send transaction inquiries, send financial exception processing messages, request for copies, fraud reporting, and exception file management. 


With VROL, the credit union can track cases throughout the stages of the dispute process flow and manage all of the related information, including electronic copies of sales drafts, questionnaires, and additional documentation. In addition, it is a service used to exchange electronic dispute documentation and information, dispute pre-filings, and dispute case filings between you and Visa during the dispute cycle.

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