Breakaway Loyalty

Breakaway Loyalty

None of our programs are the same…
because none of our clients are the same.


BreakAway Loyalty designs, consults, and administers self-sustaining loyalty rewards solutions that create profitable portfolio momentum for our clients.


Our expertise includes:

The design of one of the first credit card points programs utilizing real-time processor feeds.


The introduction of credit/debit card redemption grids that were both innovative and cost conscious.


The creation of marketing strategies to promote communication and understanding between institution and customer base.


The pioneering of an online program to allow customers to not only view points, but redeem online.


The implementation of marketing programs to grow portfolios and retain customer bases.


The development of proactive customer opportunity centers that contact customers and offer quarterly special promotions.


The institution of point reduction programs to reduce liability while improving the customer experience.


The management of numerous credit and debit card conversions.


The use of portfolio segmentation and analysis to target market each segment to increase performance in the card base.