Gemalto is the provider of MAP’s Award-Winning Personal Card Service, Design A Card, that allows your card holders to select their favorite photo to put on their payment card.


Available via PC, Tablet, Mobile or even selecting a photo from a Facebook album, it enables your cards holder to select their favorite photo of a loved one, pet, memorable event or favorite place.  All of this happens through an online interface that blends seamlessly with your brand and can be easily implemented with MAP’s team of experts


Design A Card allows your cardholder becomes a “partner in design”, which in turn generates an increase in Acquisitions, Activations, Retention, Loyalty and increase of card Transactions and Spend amount.

Turnkey end-to-end service:
  • > User friendly web service
  • > A set of marketing tools
  • > Easy to integrate
  • > Fast implementation


It includes web services, which allow the end user to upload and edit the picture as well as the associated secure printing services. Customers will receive a unique card with their chosen photo. Web service and card personalization can also be provided as separate services on dem​and.