Glia - Digital Member Service


About Glia Digital Member Service


Glia offers a Digital Member Service solution bringing the in-person support experience to all member interactions, whether they start online (PC or Mobile) or on a phone call with your credit union.

The solution allows credit unions and members to engage through their preferred communication channel for a given in­teraction. The MAP and Glia Digital Member Service solution empowers credit unions to more easily interact and co-pilot their member’s experience, and as a result better enable a successful communication experience.


Think about it! Our so­lution enables a real-time voice as well as online face-to-face access to your credit union’s support teams, product leaders, department leaders and others to fulfill the requirements of the requested member-owner need. Our platform allows for a single, unified support stack for multiple communication requirements with your members: Voice, Video, Chat, Screen Share, Chatbot, and/or Co-browsing.


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