Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later

Member Access Processing (MAP) offers a white label Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) solution powered by equipifi that integrates with a credit union’s core to provide offers that members can view, accept, and manage through their existing banking apps. Credit unions attract and retain members when they offer advanced, convenient, and flexible BNPL solutions that provide members with manageable spending options.


With BNPL directly in their credit union’s app, member cardholders are able pay for purchases in a way that aligns with their financial goals. The BNPL functionality is simple and convenient from within the credit union’s banking app:

  1. Notify cardholders of transactions eligible for BNPL: When a purchase is eligible for a BNPL offer, cardholders will receive a notification directing them to view their offer.
  2. Display an overview of all available BNPL offers: Cardholders can get an overview of their available BNPL offers, all of which are in alignment with their financial health and goals.
  3. Allow cardholders to select and confirm installment plans: For each BNPL offer, cardholders can select installment plans, payment methods, and accept in three easy steps.
  4. Enable cardholders to track and manage current and past plans: Cardholders can view and manage all active plans and access their BNPL history from their trusted digital banking app.


Easily Managed from the BNPL Platform to the Core


Account Eligibility

The platform analyzes historical account information to help credit unions determine BNPL offer eligibility throughout the shopping journey. Take balance history, overdraft history, shopping behavior, and more into consideration to better understand your cardholders’ BNPL preferences.


Two-Way Sync

Once integrated, the platform automatically pulls real time information from the credit union’s core to incorporate into the eligibility decision and offer generation process. Loan details from accepted BNPL offers are pushed back to the credit union’s core to be reflected in the cardholders’ account and on their banking app.


Offer Generation

The platform uses debit transaction information to generate BNPL offers that have already been approved for eligible cardholders. The streamlined and automated BNPL offer creation workflow takes cardholders’ transaction amount, merchant data, and more into consideration when decisioning eligibility and generating BNPL offers.


Available Solutions

Today, the solution supports post-purchase BNPL. The solution will expand to include pre-purchase and POS BNPL in 2023.


More Information

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