Card@Once Instant Issue

Card@Once Instant Issue

Card@Once, Member Access Processing’s Software as a Service (Saas) solution gives credit unions the power to issue payment cards in-branch within minutes. The instant issue services give credit unions real-time card printing capability for their credit, debit, and prepaid cards.

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Remove the hurdles to new card adoption and establish preferred behaviors early. Delight customers by delivering a new secure, payment card on the spot. Instant issuance provides true competitive differentiation and help you keep your debit and credit cards top of wallet. Cardholders can access their money and make purchases immediately, without waiting 7 to 10 business days to receive their card in the mail.


Financial Benefits of Instant Issue Cards:

82% of instantly issued credit and debit cards are activated, compared with just 50% for mailed cards

Credit unions can see between $2 to $5 in incremental interchange revenue per active debit card versus those sent by mail within the first 30 days after instant issuance

A 32% increase in debit card usage

Average monthly debit purchase transactions increase by 21%

Average monthly purchase volume per active debit card is $195 higher


Provision magnetic stripe, EMV and contactless cards while your customer waits or use Card@Once to support a temporary to permanent card program. Instant issuance increases activation rates and stimulates usage by eliminating the delays of traditional card issuance.


Key Features of the Cards Printed by Your Financial Institution

The following Instant Issue processes can be completed in real-time when a customer opens a new account:

Embossing and encoding of cardholder name, card number, and expiration date

EMV chip personalization

Encoding CVV and customer-selected PIN

Rear-indent printing of CVV2 security data

Card@Once meets all security requirements for EMV and dual interface cards.


Two-State-of-the-Art Printing Options

Card@Once is scalable and with an expanded line of printers, including full color retransfer or direct-to-card print capability, you can implement one or multiple printers in a single location or in a number of branches. Personalize preprinted cards or print a full image and personalize blank card stock – Card@Once is affordable and flexible to adapt to your needs.



Spectrum by Card@Once:

High definition retransfer printer, features a more defined,

higher image print quality, with over-the-edge printing capabilities.

Over the edge print area

Removable hopper

Smart screen OLED display

Mechanical status display

100 card feeder capacity

200 card output capacity, plus reject box (holds 5 cards)

600 dpi resolution (full color)

400 color prints per ribbon

750 prints per film


Precision by Card@Once:

Direct-to-card printer features high image quality and touchscreen capabilities, such as realtime error messages and ribbon, card stock and cleaning notifications.

  • Touchscreen controls
  • Dual-access control
  • Mechanical status
  • External RFID programming capable
  • 100 card feeder capacity
  • 50 card output capacity, plus reject box (holds 15 cards)
  • 50 cards per hour
  • 300 x 600 resolution (full color) or 300 x 1200 (one-color)
  • 150 color prints per cartridge
  • 300 monochrome prints per cartridge
  • 250 silver overlay (black back)