Card Management & Fulfillment

Card Management & Fulfillment

MAP’s card management services will improve the security and efficiency of your financial institution’s plastic card ordering process. We’ll help you forecast your card issuance requirements, identify potentially suspect cards before re-issuance, and automatically generate card orders and forward them to your card vendor for embossing, encoding, and delivery. Our detailed, intuitive reporting system keeps you informed of all your card issuance activity.




Automate the card ordering process:

Automatically generate card and PIN mailer orders as new cardholder records are added to the cardholder database and as existing cards expire and require re-issuance.


Automate re-issuance:

Avoid cardholder service gaps by automatically reissuing eligible cards.


Control your ordering schedule:

Generate and transmit card orders according to your own schedule — daily or multiple times per week. We’ll make it easy and we’ll show you how.


Eliminate redundant data entry:

Use the same cardholder data file for both transaction authorization and card management to eliminate a redundant data entry step and reduce the opportunity for error.


Encourage card usage:

Stimulate card usage by issuing multiple cards linked to a single primary account number. Each card may have a unique embossed name and greeting name.


Choose your vendor:

Select the card vendor that best meets your needs from among the many certified card vendors.


How Card Management Services Work


To take advantage of card management services and facilitate card ordering, your financial institution must maintain a positive file at Visa Debit Processing Service. Card management services automatically generates card orders and, at your option, PIN mailers as new cardholder records are added to the cardholder database or as cards expire and require reissuance. Visa forwards these card orders and PIN mailer requests to the vendor of your choice for card embossing, encoding, and delivery, as appropriate.


Key Features


Automatic card and PIN mailer orders.

Automates the generation of card and PIN mailer orders for new and reissued cards.


Automatic card re-issuance

Automatically flags cards for re-issuance 30-45 days prior to their expiration date, giving you the opportunity to make changes and authorize re-issuance.


Express delivery orders

Supports flagging new, replacement, and reissued cards and PIN mailers to enable card vendors to identify priority orders for immediate processing and special delivery.


PIN selection

Supports customer-selected and system-generated PINs.


Card activation

Interfaces with our card activation service and enables the card activation field to be set automatically when an expiring card is reissued.


Multiple name embossing

Allows embossing of more than one name on a card. For example, the names of joint account holders or a company name combined with a personal name.


Card & Account Maintenance (CAM)

Enables card ordering functions through a browser-based application accessed through a PC at your financial institution. You may use CAM to issue cards, make changes to cardholder data, flag cards for automatic re-issuance, order replacement cards and PIN mailers, and flag selected cards or PIN mailers for express delivery.


Card management reports

Provides a robust set of reports to keep you informed of your financial institution’s card issuance activity.


Card re-issue forecast reports

These monthly reports identify all cards due to expire in two to three months and enable you to review the status of these cards and make changes/corrections before the cards’ expiration month.


Expiring cards reissue reports

These monthly reports identify cards due to expire during the next month including all cards that would be accepted/rejected for re-issuance.


Order processing reports

These daily reports, generated in accordance with your card order schedule, identify card orders and PIN mailer requests submitted to your card vendor for processing.