Digital Member Banking

Digital Member Banking

The Digital Member Banking platform offers an enterprise suite of software that represents the Four Pillars: mobile banking, online banking, omnichannel lending, and omnichannel account opening. The Four Pillars provide an experience that meets members where they are: managing their money on the go, financing a new home or car, or seeking a new community for their financial lives. The product suite includes the following:


Biometric Authentication Manager (BAM)

Allows call center and other support staff to trigger biometric authentication  on a caller’s mobile app based on the biometrics native to all Apple and Android smartphones. Within a few seconds the caller is authenticated and staff can move directly to fulfilling on the caller’s requested service. It is familiar, trusted and accepted by nearly all consumers.










Real-Time Fraud Control

Protects the account by learning each user’s normal digital behavior and reacting when out-of-pattern activity is detected for that user. Fraud Control provides visualization and reporting tools to inspect fraudulent threats. Analyze individual sessions, report on suspicious activity, and fine-tune the system to establish the protection that’s right for your institution.











Is the first robo-advisor designed to seamlessly integrate with any bank and credit union online and mobile banking platform. It provides the services of a personal banker via automation and algorithm-based financial planning services. This automation provides community institutions a tool to tap into the $73 trillion investment market and provide wealth-building services traditionally dominated by investment firms, fintechs and large national banks.








Conversational Banking

Is the enabling of a two-way digital experience. At MAP we view  this two-way digital experience as an opportunity for the client to:

·         Self-serve and fulfill their banking needs using our AI powered ChatBot OR

·         Be served directly by a Contact Center associate via Live Chat or Video Chat










Each is secure, reliable and easy to use. Individually or bundled together, while offering the customer or member immeasurable convenience, these solutions offer you:

·         Improved customer or member experience and loyalty

·         Reduced expenses

·         Increased opportunities for sales and cross-sales

·         Deepened understanding of client pain points

·         Shortened problem resolution times


Commercial Banking Platform

Provides an easy way for local business owners to quickly, easily and securely get a clear picture of their business finances 24/7. Our solution can be tailored  to meet the business account requirements of your customers or members,  whether they have one location or 100+ or are cash, check or payables intensive.









Omnichannel Lending

Helps you increase loans, expand your banking  channels, and provide one-stop 24/7 loan services. A rules-based decision engine drives identification of automatically eligible users. It can approve loans immediately and deposit funds to accounts. Pre-populated applications ensure accuracy and speed.  Users can save application information so even more data pre-populates their next loan.











Omnichannel Account Opening

Incorporates AI and machine learning to automatically detect and prevent fraud via ID and facial image recognition, behavioral analysis, and text/document recognition. Our account opening process truly integrates and automates third parties so that key steps like e-sign and funding holds are completed in real time, without requiring applicants to leave their application or return after a delay. With analytics and A/B testing, plus the ability to set up multiple account-opening experiences, you are delivering the best possible experience to your respective accountholders.











Integrated Digital Banking

Is a state-of-the-art vision of cross-channel accessibility helps you meet your members wherever they prefer to bank: online, through native mobile apps and mobile browsers, and even on wearables like Apple Watch. Thanks to our native application architecture, designed completely in-house for a consistent and unified vision, every user touchpoint experience feels native to that device for an optimized user experience.











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