EMV Chip Implementation

EMV Chip Implementation

EMV in a Box 

A fully integrated EMV Migration solution and management program based on best practices gained from hundreds of EMV projects performed worldwide by our card production and fulfillment partner, Idemia Technologies. Our EMV team uses this expertise and adapts it to the technological framework and project criteria of each individual credit union.

Time to market – rapid and convenient chip card migration.

From project planning to the credit union’s first EMV card, EMV in a Box covers every step of the migration process. Managed by a dedicated team of experts, EMV in a Box helps your institution make the right choices based on project requirements, and solve any issues encountered to keep the project on-time and on-budget.

Greater flexibility for your credit union.

EMV in a Box removes the complexity and stress of EMV migration for the credit union. The institution only needs to define the EMV card products and services once – personalization can be launched via Internet at the touch of a button. MAP and Idemia also provide credit unions with a choice of issuance model based on their location or project needs – in a local Idemia personalization bureau, via a third party provider or at the branch.

EMV-In-A-Box is also simplified at the technical level. 

Credit unions can upgrade effortlessly to new card platforms with new applications quickly, and component migrations are smoothly enabled by our card processing experts, who perform all the different steps needed to seamlessly deliver EMV cards to members wherever they are in the world.

EMV training. 

To gain a better understanding of the EMV migration process and methodology, MAP and Idemia also provide technical consulting and training to the issuer on the various technical steps and reviews performed by EMVCo.



Phased Delivery Approach

Phase 1 – Project analysis and qualification

The EMV migration team will assess the credit union’s specific technical and planning requirements for the project prior to launch. Timelines and project plan are defined. A flexible training plan made up of seven modules that cover introductory subjects such as introduction to EMV through to more advanced technical information like the link between issuers and merchants is available for the credit union’s internal teams.


Phase 2 – Profile design and specifications

The card profiles for each market segment are defined according to the credit union’s project specifications. Application and cards are then selected and MAP and Idemia manage all the application features and settings. An interface with the Common Personalization System (CPS) is then set up to manage the profiles according to the credit union’s choice of card and test cards are immediately available. EMV training during this phase provides detailed information on card profiles and card choices.


Phase 3 – Choice of card design and print material

A full range of design and card innovation services are available to enable the credit union to differentiate their card offer from competitors and create top of wallet status with their cardholders. MAP Plastics offer a comprehensive range of innovative designs using new materials and advanced printing technology. Cards are then manufactured and embedded as fast as possible.


Phase 4 – Key management

Total Key Management for the EMV migration project is provided by MAP and Idemia with expert local technical support teams then implementing the credit union’s key requirements securely. This reduces complexity and error and provides both complete integration and upload of test and live keys to the local personalization system.


Phase 5 – Card personalization

Pre-personalization for the card profile is performed, including key management and development file structures. The issuance model is then chosen to match project requirements. Idemia provides issuance within our international bureau network, in third party or in-house banking bureaus. Data is then prepared in the appropriate bureau and fulfillment requirements are established.


Phase 6 – Card testing and validation

The final pre-launch test cards equipped with test keys and scheme certification for the credit union’s project are emitted. Pre-launch live cards are also issued at this stage that will show the credit union’s choice of card plastic and design, and come equipped with live keys. Fulfillment is through the local target bureau.