Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

  • Customers love card rewards. Sixty percent of US adults cite rewards as a top reason for adopting a credit card, according to a recent study. As a result, major players are launching all sorts of unique rewards offerings as a means of acquiring customers.


The MAP fully flexible Loyalty Rewards Program lets cardholders earn loyalty rewards for everyday purchases, while you gain their loyalty and other benefits with the Dream Points loyalty rewards program.



> Cross-sell retail products
> Retain debit and credit cardholders
> Increase card usage
> Rewards for your members
> Cost-effective loyalty rewards program
> Customization to your needs

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90% of all U.S. consumers participate in at least one loyalty-rewards program.

75% of cardholders who haven’t received offers from their issuer would like to.

Cardholder loyalty is a fundamental driver of the health of your payments business. It impacts your profitability, your ability to grow and your reputation. Building loyal cardholder relationships is a crucial mission for every bank and credit union. Over the long haul, organizations that do it well will outperform those that don’t.