RAZR Rewards

RAZR Rewards

Built with expansive technology and thoughtful strategy, the RAZR engagement platform provides marketing automation, CRM, rewards, loyalty and analytics to drive profitable behavior change.

RAZR runs 300 loyalty programs in the United States and has 92% of the credit unions in Canada on their solution. It’s time to up your loyalty game and deepen member engagement:

  • > Increase products per household
  • > Attract new members
  • > Decrease member attrition
  • > Reduce operational costs.
  • > Experiences
More Choices

We combine catalog access to millions of products from major retailers, expansive gift card offerings alongside our live event tickets and top-notch travel reservation system to deliver a single, unified redemption experience.

  • > Fresh Inventory. Direct-from-vendor inventory allows immediate access to the newest products and trending brands.
  • > Top Travel. Robust and direct access to airline and worldwide hotels and resorts inventory provides near limitless travel option.
  • > Customized Storefronts. Unique options for curated and trending products to match your brand and loyalty offering.
  • > Instant Gratification. Our in-store pick up option and electronic gift cards enable to you provide same day rewards redemptions.