Mobile Location Confirmation

Mobile Location Confirmation

Make better fraud risk decisions using geolocation intelligence

Mobile Location Confirmation helps improve the consumer experience by providing you with a real-time geolocation intelligence about your enrolled cardholders. With Mobile Location Confirmation, you can determine if the cardholder is close to the merchant location at the time of a purchase. You can more confidently approve transactions when cardholders make purchases while traveling.  Mobile Location Confirmation is a service that provides information about whether or not an enrolled cardholder’s mobile phone is located near the merchant requesting authorization for a purchase. Visa sends this information to you as part of the real-time authorization request.

There are four main components of the Mobile Location Confirmation service:

Cardholders will enroll in Mobile Location Confirmation via your mobile app, which must be enhanced to allow cardholders to enroll their eligible card(s) and mobile phone in the service. Within the mobile app, cardholders must explicitly opt in to the collection of geolocation information.

Once a cardholder enrolls in the Mobile Location Confirmation via the mobile app, the app begins regularly collecting approximate location from the cardholder’s mobile phone and sending that to Visa.

When a cardholder transacts with their Mobile Location Confirmation-enrolled card, Visa compares the location of the merchant in the authorization request to the location of the cardholder’s mobile phone. Based on this comparison, Visa derives a Location Match Indicator, which informs you whether the mobile phone is located near the merchant. Visa then sends this Location Match Indicator and an enhanced Visa Advanced Authorization (VAA) score to you in the outgoing authorization request.

You can receive the Location Match Indicator and enhanced VAA score from Visa and use those as part of an approval or decline decision.