Person 2 Person

Person 2 Person Payments

Person-to-Person (P2P) payment solution branded to your credit union


Despite all the advances in payments technology in the last decade, the simplest transaction, instantly transferring money from one person to another, still relies on cash. Until now. Pocket2Pocket from CU24 allows your members to make PIN-secured, instant transfers via web and mobile devices to anyone with an email address or mobile phone number.


Easy, Low-Cost Entry into Mobile P2P


> Consumers want and expect mobile banking and money transfer options from their credit union. Studies show up to 22% are willing to switch credit unions to get these services.
> The lightest integration option on the market with lower upfront cost.
> Simple fully-hosted implementation and credit union-branded stand-alone mobile app require no back-end changes on the part of the issuer.


Net New Transaction Volume


> P2P transactions primarily replace existing cash and check transactions, generating net new volume from existing clients, and lowering overall costs by reducing the number of check transactions.
> Unique approach provides Fast, Secure P2P Payments Across the Debit Rails
> Offer customers faster and more secure P2P offering utilizing the PaySecure PIN Pad.
> Revive debit business line by introducing innovative new use for debit cards.


Leads to


> Broader Acceptance, Deposit-Retention, Customer Acquisition Opportunity
> Provides access to a network of over 150 million eligible cardholders, the largest network of users eligible to fully utilize any
> P2P product on the market today.
> Cross-network universal receive capabilities.
> Reduce migration to third-party P2P enrollers.




> Send money securely: Transaction is PIN-secured, instant transfer, via web and mobile, utilizing PaySecure’s patented PIN pad.
> No user-enrollment required.
> 100% white-labeled solution enables the credit union to promote its brand and grow loyalty with an innovative new service.
> Universal Receive – funds can be received in real-time on a debit card or via traditional ACH.
> Credit union decides if and what the fee is for the service.
> Credit union maintains control of the transaction funds.
> Credit union defines the disclosures and policies.
> All with simple, light integration.

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