Point of Sale (POS)

Visa Debit Card

Member Access Pacific is a credit union debit card payment processing company. The Visa Check Card ( Debit ) offers your members a way to make everyday purchases without carrying around cash or checks or making frequent visits to their local credit union. Working with a credit union debit card payment processor will allow your members convenient check solutions whether at the mall, at an ATM, or shopping online. Expanded coverage and acceptance is possible through the optional functionality of Interlink®, Plus® and/or regional POS mark(s).


Visa Check Card Benefits:


Providing payment processor solutions. Visa check cards — offered along with other debit card solutions such as PIN-based functionality, prepaid products, and credit cards — gives your members maximum flexibility by providing a solution for virtually every payment processing need and preference.

Adding value to member relationships. The convenience, protection, utility, and security of a Visa check card will enhance credit union and bank member satisfaction, preserve core deposits, and reduce account attrition. Our payment processing solutions for credit union debit cards enable your institution to compete effectively in a highly competitive DDA marketplace.

Extra protection for your cardholders. Visa’s consumer protections exceed Regulation E rights and offer error/transaction resolution through chargebacks — benefits that another cash and check processing company cannot match.

Member Access Pacific is a credit union processing company for debit and check cards dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. As an experience payment processor, our debit card processing solutions is the best option for your institution.

Visa Credit Card Solutions

Member Access Pacific offers full transaction credit card processing services tailored to fit your needs and designed with affordable measures to increase profitability and cardholder loyalty. MAP’s full suite of services includes key data and report information for strategic planning, management analysis and tactical decision support.

Our credit card processing solutions include loyalty and benefit programs designed to meet the individual goals of your institution. Our broad array of optional products, from marketing to member service, are innovatively designed and affordably priced to strengthen and diversify your credit card portfolio.

MAP credit card services include:

> Falcon Neural Network (Debit and Credit products)
> Turn-key Chargeback Processing
> Visa Marketing Products
> Free Training for LIfe of Contract
> Stand-in Processing
> Address Verification
> Portfolio Consulting
> Direct Marketing Programs
> Verified by Visa

MAP supports all Visa credit card products:

> Zero Liability
> Auto Rental Insurance–Personal
> Warranty Manager
> Lost/Stolen Card Reporting
> Travel & Emergency Assistance
> Rewards Cards
> Airport Parking Guarantee
> Roadside Dispatch
> Preferred Travel Program
> Purchase Security
> Dining Privileges
> Visa Rewards Program
> Visa Business Card
> Emergency Cash & Card Replacement
> Concierge Service
> Travel/Accident Insurance