Prepaid Virtual Card

Visa-branded Prepaid Virtual Card

MAP is speeding up the process for your credit union members to have access to Prepaid funds! The MAP Visa-branded Prepaid Virtual Card (General Purpose Reloadable) GPR is now available for purchase and delivered instantly for activation and use via the Consumer Website (CWS).



MAP’s Prepaid Virtual Card solutions include:

– Unlimited reload capability via ACH, In-Branch, ReadyLink, or Online

  • – Card life of 2 years from date it is ordered or sold by your credit union
  • – Maximum card balance is $2,000 with no minimum card load
  • – The Prepaid Virtual Card works anywhere a VISA Debit card is accepted


Activating the Prepaid Virtual Card:
  • – Member can follow the retrieval and activation instructions sent to their email address for the virtual card
  • – Once the activation is confirmed the member can use the funds right away for online purchases with their desktop computer or mobile phone
  • – The member has access to their prepaid virtual card number, account information, and transaction details when they login to the CWS 


How it Works
  • – At point of purchase, VISA account information is entered online as a normal VISA card during checkout
  • – Spend limited to amount on card
  • – The virtual card is a digitally generated combination of payment card details – 16-digit card number, like on any VISA card, name, expiration date and a security CVV code – everything that comes with your physical reloadable card
  • – Cardholder can copy the PAN from the CWS and paste it into a web browser to make online purchases faster