Transaction Alerts

Transaction Alerts

Transaction Alerts gives members a near real-time view of the transactions conducted on their enrolled Visa cards. With transaction alerts, they can more actively manage their personal finances and catch fraudulent activity early. Cardholders can select the types of alerts and the threshold settings that will trigger personalized notifications to them through their preferred delivery channel.


Cardholders normally enroll and activate their Visa cards in transaction alerts through their participating credit union’s online banking site or mobile application. During enrollment, they choose the particular alerts they want to activate, set threshold values, and select their preferred delivery channel (email, SMS or PUSH). Then, as soon as a cardholder makes a purchase using their enrolled card at a store, over the phone, or through the internet, Visa compares the details of the transaction to the alerts and thresholds they have set.


If any one of those alerts is triggered, Visa sends a real-time message with the transaction details to the cardholder’s mobile phone (as an SMS text message) or email address. If an issuer would like to deliver the alert notification themselves via their own SMS short-code, through their own email servers or deliver through a mobile app (PUSH), Visa can send an outbound API with the alert details to the issuer’s designated endpoint.


Some of the available types of Alert triggers include:

> Single Purchase Equal to or Greater Than a Set Dollar Amount
> Card-Not-Present Purchase
> Purchase Outside of Home Country
> ATM Withdrawal
> Purchase Declined
> Accumulated Purchases Greater Than a Set Dollar Amount
> Merchant Type Aggregated Spend
> International ATM Aggregated Spend