Visa Virtual Card Solution

Visa Virtual Card Solution

Virtual Cad

MAP’s Visa Virtual Card Solution allows the credit union the option to order and issue a digital card as an electronic alternative to physical plastic. MAP’s Digital Card is issued from our Prepaid platform, eliminating core data processing system programing or certification. Credit unions can begin offering the Visa Virtual Cards in a matter of weeks instead of months.


  • Because Digital Cards are virtual cards, with no corresponding physical plastic, cardholders requesting a Digital card will be able to view card information immediately upon issuance from the Consumer Website, including Card Number, Expiration Date and CVV2


  • The Digital Card can be used immediately for online purchases and if Tokenization is supported, the card can be added to a wallet and used for in-store and in-app purchases.

How it works

Order processing for MAP’s Digital Prepaid Visa Card is similar to the processes used for ordering physical plastic except that instead of issuing a card, the cardholder is sent a link with a unique key that allows them to claim/activate the Digital card via email. Upon clicking the email link, the cardholder is transferred to the Consumer Website and prompted to:

  1. Verify their Identity (i.e., Activation Token validation)
  2. Create a Website Profile (i.e., Username, Password, etc.)
  3. Enter their physical address if not on file to complete card registration

Upon completion of the above steps, the Consumer Website displays the user’s new card information including the Card Number, Expiration Date and CVV2.