Visa Business School

Visa Business School

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What do you want to learn today?

Now you can get the training you need, when and how you want it.  Whether you are new to payments or have years of experience, our training can help you advance your career. From risk management strategies to increasing payment transactions, you will find courses to help protect and grow your business.

The Visa Business School has a variety of online courses available on the Online Learning Center. Whether you are new to payments or have years of experience, our training can help you:


  • > Manage a profitable card program
  • > Assess risk strategies
  • > Handle chargebacks and disputes
  • > Run back office operations
  • > Increase payment transactions
  • > Amplify marketing efforts
  • > Understand Visa systems and processes


Learn when you want, how you want.
We understand. You’re busy. That’s why we offer you a choice in when, where, and how you learn. Simply choose the learning solution that works best for you.


Online Courses

Learn at your desktop or on the go. Purchase individual courses or an entire series. Then view it immediately or return at a time that is convenient for you. Enjoy anytime access for 30-90 days depending on the course.  To see the courses available, browse through this website, or view and share this online catalog.


Interactive Workshops

Interact with industry experts and peers in any of our two to three day workshops. Offered around the world, these courses deliver practical information across a wide range of topics.


Special Events

Get real-world experience, risk-free.  Strengthen your bank card expertise through a combination of interactive learning and simulation competitions. Held in various cities and online. Usually four to five days in length.

Save money on workshops and special events.
If you register six weeks in advance, you can save 15%.  This early registration discount applies only to workshops and events, and cannot be combined with other offers.  This early registration discount is not applicable to online courses, the Visa First workshop, or the Visa Global Challenge event.


To receive the early savings discount, you must enter the code Save15 in your shopping cart, before you checkout.


Visa Business School is committed to “developing leaders in payments” at all levels — from senior managers and key decision-makers to card center and operations employees. Whether you are new to the business or an experienced veteran, Visa Business School’s goal is to provide you with the tools and relevant knowledge you need to continue to grow your business and career. Please contact your client services manager for subscription to Visa Business School.