ATM Campaign Management Suite

ATM Campaign Management Suite

Customize your marketing communications from anywhere

ATM Campaign Management Suite makes strengthening member relationships easier and more effective. From simplifying campaign development and implementation to improved monitoring of delivery, these web-based tools can help you customize the ATM experience and enhance your brand impact. Whether you want to implement advertising campaigns, deliver graphical coupons, customize out-of-service screen messaging or apply custom receipt text, ATM Campaign Management Suite makes it fast, easy and cost-effective.


> Update without interruption. With ATM Campaign Management Suite tools, you can update marketing content without impacting your user experience.

> Centralize control and access. The web-based application makes it easier to monitor and manage the marketing activities on your ATM network.

> Stay informed. Use on-demand reporting to keep on top of campaign activity and adjust to meet the changing realities of your users and markets.

> Customize campaign delivery. Select the graphics and messages to deliver based on time of day, week or month, language, and cardholder type (on-us, non-on-us transactions).

> Build loyalty. Allow cardholders to set ATM preferences for a more efficient, more customized ATM experience.

> Boost brand perception. Customize your ATM screens with your credit union’s look and feel.

> Enhance service and compliance. Our voice guidance allows you to improve the ATM experience for customers with disabilities.