ATM Terminal Driving

ATM Terminal Driving

MAP’s state-of-the-art ATM Terminal Driving Service may help reduce costs, increase revenues, and improve control over your ATM program. By consolidating ATM Terminal Driving with your debit processing you may be able to enhance the return on your ATM investment. We specialize in a wide variety of devices and transaction types. Not only will you reduce your technical interfaces and vendor interactions, but you can also proactively manage your program for more success. MAP can help you turn your ATM service into ATM success with deposit automation, marketing content distribution and anytime access to information.


Financial transaction set includes:
  • > Withdrawal
    > Fast cash
    > Balance inquiry
    > Transfer
    > Deposit check or cash (envelope & non-envelope)
    > Deposit with cash back
  • > Deposit automation
    > Self-service transactions
    > Non-cash media
    > Customer service features
    > Bilingual screens
    > Open Account Relationship (OAR)
    > Multiple Account Selections (MAS)
    > Alternate ATM location message
    > Surcharge options


Single network solution for all ATM and POS activity

The solution utilizes Visa Debit card for signature-based purchasing, Interlink for PIN-based purchasing and cash back, and the Visa/Plus ATM Network for ATM transactions.


Shared deposits through the Visa/Plus ATM Network

This service allows Plus cardholders of participating issuers to make deposits at ATMs operated by participating acquirers. Cardholders may log on to the Visa/Plus ATM Locator web site at to identify ATMs that participate in the service. Shared deposit functionality is available only in the United States.


Project management and support

MAP’s dedicated ATM Implementation Manager expertly guides you through each step. Following implementation, your support team is available to troubleshoot, solve problems, and assist you in upgrading service.