Cash Management

Cash Management

Proactively manage the performance of your ATM fleet

Cash Management offers a comprehensive solution for tracking, forecasting and viewing ATM cash needs. This web-based application makes it easy to manage costs and vendors from anywhere. Whether you choose our end-to-end solution or elect to receive a daily file feed for integration with your existing cash forecasting solution, we can help you simplify the effort and maximize returns with improved cash management. Our Cash Management solution is comprised of cash forecasting, asset management and profitability modeling to deliver the insight you need to improve operations.


Cash Management gives you the ability to:

>  View cash usage at the denomination level
>  Group terminals by courier or region
>  Predict cash outages
>  Trigger alerts to identify couriers settling incorrectly
>  Forecast based on historical trends and special events
>  Access built-in reporting
>  Analyze ATM profitability
>  Maintain terminal inventory and contract information


Powerful cash management functionality

Eliminate excess cash inventories. Increase capital available for investing by proactively forecasting demand based on historical activity and events.

Minimize outages. Avoid customer inconvenience and costly emergency runs with increased forecasting accuracy.

Optimize delivery scheduling. Balance the cost of cash versus the cost of delivery and group terminals based on location and demand patterns for optimal delivery.

Reduce risk. Better management of cash inventories lowers the chance of an outage and minimizes funds at risk for loss.

Monitor profitability. Proactively manage your assets to minimize costs and maximize revenues.

Reduce cost of ownership. Make more informed decisions about ATM placement and proactively manage performance.