24/7 Call Center

24/7 Call Center

Member Access Processing provides world-class 24/7 cardholder support services from Visa’s U.S. and international call centers. Using your unique toll-free number, the call center can provide account support for card activation, hot carding, Verified by Visa, turnkey fraud monitoring and case management using Falcon Fraud Manager as well as handily Dispute Services and Mobile Wallet services issues.


Hours of Operation

Visa call center support is available on a 24x7x365 basis. Your member cardholders may also access Visa’s automated VRU system 24x7x365.


Support Functions

Visa CSRs are trained to perform any of the following tasks in support of the credit union’s card programs:


Traditional Call Center Services

> Register cardholders
> Activate new cards and assign temporary passwords
> View card program information such as Terms & Conditions, Privacy Statement, Fees, and fact sheets
> Search for buyer and cardholder account information
> View detailed transaction information
> Update profiles
> Update Prepaid card statuses
> Post notes to an account
> Reverse or waive fees
> Reset passwords
> View dispute procedures
> Print dispute forms
> Print cardholder statements
> Process a card unload request
> Capture irate customer/cardholder feedback and trigger appropriate follow-up
> Change the status of an account to lost/stolen, and optionally order replacement cards
> Request PIN mailers (optional)
> Post miscellaneous adjustments (optional)


Dispute Services

> Handles incoming dispute calls
> Creates new dispute cases in VROL for DPS for posted transactions
> Performs preliminary investigation which may include a review of:
> Historical spend pattern
> Location of payee in relation to cardholder
> Problems reported by other cardholders
> Assesses claim for provisional or permanent credit eligibility
> Manages cardholder communications within prescribed time frames
> Reports fraud, manages exception file and stop payment listings
> Pursues recovery opportunities for supported networks


Falcon Call Center Support

> Comprehensive Falcon monitoring
> Falcon Expert and Flash Fraud Rules management
> Confirmation calls to your cardholders using an integrated, automated dialer to investigate suspicious transaction activity
> In-bound call coverage on a dedicated toll-free number for cardholders to return confirmation calls
> Account blocking for high-risk and confirmed fraud cases
> Communication of blocks and confirmed fraud activity to your financial institution
> Directory assistance update service to provide correct phone numbers for invalid listings
> Optional language line translation service for non-English speaking cardholders
> Daily and monthly statistical and operational reports