Authorization Processing - Member Access Processing

Authorization Processing

Our authorization service options are highly customizable, offering real-time and stand-in support that enables you to provide fast, reliable transaction authorization wherever your cardholders choose to conduct business — at the ATM or point of sale, over the Internet, or via telephone.


Robust and flexible authorization solutions for Visa and ATM card products. 

With proven and tested reliability, integrated security features, and the advantages of single-point access, MAP authorization services offer a smart solution that can help you control costs and improve service. You choose the level of support that best meets your business requirements — use Visa to provide full authorization or selected portions of the process in cooperation with your financial institution’s host system. The parameters that you define control all transaction processing, providing flexibility to meet your specific business requirements.


How Authorization Processing Service Works

Your financial institution’s card record file with MAP resides on the Authorization Processor (AP) system. AP can perform the entire authorization function or selected portions of the process in cooperation with your host system. You customize support preferences to meet your specific business requirements.


Authorization options include:


Host Processor Authorization

With this option, Visa Debit Processing Service routes all transactions to your host system for authorization decisions. If your host system is unavailable, Visa can stand in and authorize transactions using limits and other criteria defined by your financial institution. At your option, a host advice is delivered when your host becomes available.


Cooperative Authorization

With this option, your host system and Visa Debit Processing Service participate jointly in the transaction authorization process. Visa Debit Processing Service can pre-screen all or selected transactions based on limits and other criteria, including account balances, established by your financial institution. Transactions that pass the pre-screening checks are then routed to your host system for final authorization. Visa can also perform full stand-in authorization or authorize transactions below a floor limit, based on your specifications.


Stand-Alone Authorization

With this option, Visa Debit Processing Service makes all authorization decisions using client-defined parameters, such as activity limits and account balances, without requiring a full-time online link to your host system. Visa creates and sends a batch-posting file to your host system at the end of each settlement day.