Back-Office and Administrative Portals

Back-Office and Administrative Portals

Streamline Program Management with Easy, Online Access

Access all of your information and program tools through our easy to use online portals. From back office capabilities to documentation about available products and services, these portals give you single sign-on entry points to almost everything you need.


Client Administrative Tools and Services (CATS) System.

Access an array of browser-based back-office applications from the convenience of a single portal, including:

> ATM Campaign Management.  Define, distribute and manage marketing campaigns for ATM devices.
> ATM Remote Electronic Journal.  View financial and non-financial transactions for all transmitting terminals.
> ATM Terminal Totals Manager.  See and maintain ATM terminal totals remotely.
> Card and Account Maintenance  Update, monitor and maintain card and account information and activities.
> Processing Reporting Services.  Consolidate reporting functionality and easily export report data in a variety of formats.
> User ID Administration.  Manage system passwords and user IDs.
> Visa Data Manager.  Provide enhanced reporting capabilities, including key business metrics and portfolio performance to help identify key issues and opportunities.
> Visa Resolve Online.  Perform transaction inquiries and streamline exception processing.


Visa Online

Find information and access administrative tools for any Visa product or service, including member invoicing.

Explore documentation about the specific range of products and services available to processing clients through Visa DPS.

> Simplify back-office tasks. Use the CATS portal to perform a wide range of inquiry, processing and maintenance tasks — virtually everything you need to manage your card program with Visa DPS.
> Stay up-to-date. Find the latest documentation and information about any Visa or Visa DPS product or service.
> Streamline research. Look up transactions, cardholder and ATM records in the Visa DPS systems or find product and service information easily.
> Access with ease. All of our browser-based tools are intuitive, easy to use and quick to learn. Easily access all of the information and tools you need