Card & Account Maintenance

Card & Account Maintenance

Search, add, delete and update card and account records on the Visa system at any time with the convenience of Card & Account Maintenance. This important back office application lets you directly interface with our system to manage and monitor the resident cardholder information when and how you need. You’ll have access to a wealth of well organized information and the ability to control individual access based on security profiles you define.


Make data maintenance and monitoring easier

Support cardholders in real-time. Direct access to your cardholder and account data enables immediate updates using the online browser-based system.

Improve productivity. Streamline maintenance and monitoring with centralized access to cardholder data.

Control access. Restrict information access based on security profiles aligned with job responsibilities.

Increase flexibility. Allow real-time data management alone or as a complement to online message or batch file updates.


Access and Update Cardholder Information in Real Time

Card & Account Maintenance, part of our Client Administrative Tools and Services (CATS) suite of browser-based applications, makes performing all the tasks associated with card and account records easy:

> Search, add, delete and update: From basic cardholder or account number search to robust name search capabilities, it’s easy to find and work with the data you need.
> Maintenance history: See a comprehensive history of any actions taken on your cardholder and who performed them.
> Fraud monitoring suppression: The integration of Card & Account Maintenance with our risk management system allows you to limit fraud monitoring for a specified period while a cardholder is traveling.
> Monitor call center activity: Review Visa call center card activation and hot card activities to stay abreast of actions taken on behalf of your cardholders.
> Name match: Define a list of valid Track 1 names to match against the Track 1 data in authorization requests to reduce potential for fraud from counterfeit cards.
> Card management: Submit card orders or inquire about status.