Full Service Dispute Processing

Dispute Processing

Effectively resolving disputed transactions requires specific knowledge of consumer laws and network operating regulations. With our Exception Processing, you can turn dispute processing over to experts that will manage these claims for you. Our knowledgeable Dispute Support team has vast experience with all aspects of dispute resolution management and understands the best ways to maximize recoveries. Our unique insight into dispute regulations coupled with our leading-edge systems offers a dispute resolution resource that can deliver significant business benefits.

Visa Resolve Online (VROL) for DPS

Visa Resolve Online (VROL) for DPS is a fully integrated dispute processing solution that can help improve user productivity and reduce labor/training costs as well as errors associated with back-office exception processing. It includes an extensive transaction inquiry component and a comprehensive exception management processing system from requests for copy to prefiling, plus ancillary functions, including:

  • > Accounting entry memos
  • > Cardholder letter generation
  • > Preauthorization Payment Cancellation Service stop orders
  • > Fraud report entries
  • > Fee collection/fund disbursement activities

VROL for DPS features Master Cases that organize and streamline working with your exception items. Master Cases contain exception items as well as any ancillary activities associated with the exception item.

MAP offers three Dispute Service options for the credit union:

> Full Service
> Expanded Shared Service
> Shared Service


Regardless of the option selected, however, MAP ensures that customer service representatives (CSRs) are available to perform whatever functions are necessary to support your members.


With Full Service support, credit unions can choose to have Visa provide complete consumer support for your consumers. Visa maintains a fully-staffed and trained prepaid customer support staff to field phone calls when consumers have questions about their account or need assistance managing their cards.


MAP also offers Shared Service support should the credit union want Visa to provide assistance outside regular business hours, during holidays, or when the credit union is closed. Minimum shared support hours are four consecutive hours for a given day, within the Visa prepaid customer support operational hours. Additional options are available with Expanded Shared Service and Shared Service support.


Whether the credit union selects full or shared support, you will be furnished with your own, unique toll-free VRU customer service telephone number.


Dispute Services Offered:

> Handles incoming dispute calls
> Creates new dispute cases
> Performs preliminary investigation which may include a review of (1) Historical spend pattern, (2) Location of payee in relation to cardholder and (3) Problems reported by other cardholders
> Assesses claim for provisional or permanent credit eligibility
> Manages cardholder communications
> Reports fraud, manages exception file and stop payment listings
> Pursues recovery opportunities for supported networks