Portfolio Performance Solutions & Data Analytics

Data Analytics & Performance Solutions

MAP’s Data Analytics & Performance Solutions gives you insights into your credit union’s transactions, cardholders, interchange, merchants, and fraud. Our data warehousing and analytics solutions deliver easy access to the information needed to help optimize portfolio performance, address fraud, and grow your payments business.


Keeping your cardholders engaged is challenging. To stay competitive and relevant in today’s marketplace you need to:


  1. Provide a seamless, end-to-end customer experience
  2. Offer customers the right products and offers at the right time
  3. Be the “default” card across both physical and digital wallets
  4. Develop an omni-channel plan to ensure there is a consistent experience across devices


Driving Portfolio Performance

MAP is committed to the success of your card portfolio strategy and will continue to provide a wide array of market analysis. We use consumer research, product analytics and benchmarking tools to support your product development and management activities.  Our advanced performance solutions offer your credit union actionable business insights, including the latest trends, proven data-driven services, solutions to grow your card portfolio, and optimized investments to improve performance. Together, we’ll identify solutions and design an overall portfolio solution that addresses key member necessities and create optimized cardholder journeys that can grow revenue and increase member satisfaction.