Card Performance Accelerator

Card Performance Accelerator

The Card Performance Accelerator is a self-service, web-based financial diagnostic tool that performs custom “what-if” analyses across your credit card-issuing business. Find real-time answers through the tool’s intuitive interface to take your business to the next level.


How it works


Ideate: Build your business case

> Receive real-time feedback as you enter key assumptions
> Compare your key assumptions to industry observations
> Add multiple scenarios
> Think through complex assumptions with our advanced calculators


Analyze: Evaluate, compare and refine your ideas

> Visualize the best options
> Review detailed information such as a profit and loss statement, business drivers and key assumptions
> Update key assumptions to enhance your ideas


Socialize: Share your ideas to gain support from your colleagues

> Enter a personal recommendation
> Output a one-page executive summary
> Send a PDF to colleagues
> Export to Excel for deeper analysis