Integrated Marketing Solutions

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Turnkey Automation for Cardholder Marketing

MAP’s integrated marketing solution is an end-to-end, fully automated cardholder marketing and contextual messaging service that is built on top of the powerful analytics stored within Visa Data Manager (VDM). In an automated fashion, your credit union can select predefined campaigns or customize campaigns to easily connect with members and offer them the kinds of products and services that are most likely to appeal to their particular demographic.


Our integrated marketing solution is available for Debit, Credit and Prepaid products. Even Non-Visa clients can utilize this service and, if they choose, provide non-Visa network data for a complete view of transaction behaviors used for cardholder segmentation rules and offer qualification parameters. For MAP clients, the data resides in VDM, making this system cost effective and easy to implement as well as secure. Since our solution is fully integrated into VDM, there is no need to send data to a third party for targeting or tracking. This simplifies deployment of marketing and contextual messaging campaigns so you can actively refine your portfolio, encourage use, and maximize profitability without being resource intensive. The service enables one-to-one marketing along the entire lifecycle marketing spectrum in an automated, trigger-based, and recurring model.


Key features include:


Augmented data file feeds.
  • Clients can submit additional data to help augment the data received from Card and Account Maintenance and the Prepaid systems using the Issuer Cardholder Preference File. Non-DPS clients can also submit additional transaction data  for regional activity that includes both PIN and PINless transactions.


Specialized VDM diagnostic reports.
  • Help to identify campaign opportunities to maximize portfolio growth.


Standard campaign templates.
  • Designed to support  best practices and other common activation, usage and event driven marketing needs. The system will automatically create the target segment group based on parameter selections in each campaign template. The system also supports a General Campaign that allows the client create and assign their own target group.


  • Message collateral templates.
  • Turnkey collateral is available for all standard campaign templates. The system also supports implementations with custom materials.


  • Multiple message and delivery channels.
  • Through campaign specific settings, the system can allocate percentages of messages through email, SMS text or direct mail file, as well as distribute messages through Visa delivery channels or via file delivery for client distribution. For direct mail, a file is generally delivered to the client for processing.


  • Support for both complex and simple offers and A/B testing.
  • The system enables informational letters, up to three Account Credit offers (with 3 tiers available in each offer), merchant coupon offers and support for a control group, all of which can be used for any campaign or mixed to suit particular client strategies.


  • Automated offer qualification and settlement of the account credits.
  • The issuer can elect to automate its offer qualifications to request that Visa process the account credit transaction on its behalf either as a account credit in the form of a  loyalty transaction or as an Original Credit Transactions (OCT) for fast cash to the cardholder. Both transaction types settle through the VSS settlement process.


  • Recurring delivery schedule.
  • Based on campaign parameters, the system can automatically execute the campaign on a recurring basis (designated by the user) and target cardholders based on triggers. This enables clients to manage multiple campaign goals with minimal resources.


  • VDM campaign response and effectiveness reporting.
  • An entire suite of report builders are available to manage all stages of the campaign, from campaign execution to final campaign analysis.