Visa Advanced Authorization

Visa Advanced Authorization

Visa Advanced Authorization, is a risk evaluation system that provides risk information directly for 100 percent of VisaNet-processed authorizations (initiated with a U.S.-issued Visa card). Robust risk information enables you to make real-time decisions that can potentially stop losses with the first transaction and enhance the security of Visa payment card authorizations. Visa has developed fraud rules to stop activity based on Visa Advanced Authorization scores.


Risk information is provided in the form of:


Risk Scores.

Uses predictive fraud models to indicate the probability that the authorization is fraudulent.


Risk Condition Codes.

Provides descriptive information for accounts associated with a high-risk compromise event (e.g., a compromised account or an account-generation scheme), as identified across the entire VisaNet payments system and potentially across multiple issuers.


Once you receive Visa Advanced Authorization’s risk information, you are empowered to take appropriate action based on your authorization risk strategies and parameters and/or send the risk information into downstream risk management systems such as Falcon Fraud Manager.