Falcon Managed Real-Time Decisioning

Falcon Managed Real-Time Decisioning

Reduce your portfolio’s fraud losses with Falcon Managed Real-Time Decisioning. Our full-service call center clients can further protect their card programs with Falcon Managed Real-Time Decisioning, a series of real-time decline rules developed by Visa DPS fraud experts based on actual performance and customizable for your credit union. Rather than simply targeting rules to current fraud patterns and trends, our real-time decisioning solution uses multi-faceted risk intelligence data and actual false positive rate performance to determine the most effective real-time decline strategies to help you reduce fraud.

> Reduce fraud losses
Our proven real-time decline rules are developed based on actual performance to improve fraud prevention.

> Improve fraud prevention
Ongoing evaluation of rule performance enables superior fraud prevention effectiveness.

> Reduce operational costs
By lowering fraud claim counts, real-time declines can help minimize risk management expenses. The more effective your decline strategies, the more cost-efficient your operations.

> Simplify management
Visa DPS fraud experts maintain Falcon Managed Real-Time Decisioning rules on your behalf so your staff can focus their efforts on other aspects of your credit union.

> Customize your solution
We work with you early in the process to determine how aggressive you want to be in combating fraud and then customize the solution to meet your level of risk tolerance.

> Minimize member inconvenience
Our flexible solution allows you to select the performance level that meets your risk tolerance needs, minimizing cardholder impact while maximizing fraud reduction benefits.