Risk Services Manager

Risk Services Manager

Risk Services Manager (RSM) is an easy-to-use web-based application that allows issuers to independently develop and manage targeted fraud rules that can be used to augment broader Falcon fraud strategies. Risk Services Manager includes rule development, testing against historical data and publication to production.


For issuers that want greater control over fraud strategies, RSM is an optional tool that helps you stop fraud at the time of transaction approval. This web-based application allows you to tailor rule strategies for the specific needs of your portfolio, while validating their effectiveness using your own historical transaction data.


From installing rules faster to enabling management 24/7, with RSM you have the flexibility and functionality to manage risk immediately while taking into consideration your unique cardholder characteristics to minimize inconvenience and build loyalty. Best of all, it requires no additional hardware and simplifies the rule development process by allowing you to create a rule once and easily reuse it for a variety of multiple strategies.

Independently Manage Your Fraud Rules:


Enjoy anytime access. 

With 24/7 availability you can develop and test rules quickly and conveniently to respond to changing needs.


Test your rules.

Model and refine your rules based on performance against historical transactions and gain greater assurance that the rules you implement are effective.


Publish rules quickly.

The 24/7 hourly automated publication to production allows you to respond to changing needs rapidly to minimize risk.


Target strategies.

The ability to manage risk and apply rules down to the cardholder level lets you customize fraud strategies to improve fraud detection without disrupting the experience for legitimate cardholders.


Minimize exposure.

Being able to quickly respond to confirmed threats or apply greater scrutiny through the development of new rules can help you limit fraud losses. You have the flexibility to immediately decline, send to Falcon for additional analysis and an authorization decision, or create a case for review by a fraud analyst.