MAP Happy - Member Access Processing

Happiness is finding a card processor that works everyday to meet your needs.

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Be happy with card processing features and solutions that work for you.

  • We’re a different kind of card processor.

    •       MAP clients average higher transaction counts: 19.1 trans per active member / per month

    •       The MAP has 100% reliability and scalability 16 of last 17 years

    •       MAP clients have almost 100% uptime since 2000

    •       MAP has the ability to invest and perform maintenance to stay ahead of the technology curve.

  • MAP Fraud Detection Tools are among the best

    •       MAP scores every network: PIN POS and Debit and Credit transaction twice (AA & Falcon).

    •       Falcon Managed Real-Time can reduce fraud by 42%.

    •       The ability for the issuer to gain more fraud controls with state-of-the-art solutions.

    •       Compromised card support with instantaneous rule writing tools.

  •  MAP clients connect “Direct to Visa”

    •       No middleman:  MAP provides value to clients with direct access to Visa.

    •       MAP is first to market with innovative solutions from Visa and Fintech partners.

  • Wealth of experience

    •       We have decades of experience in our product and sales teams.

    •       MAP assigns three people to take care of your account with one day to day representative dedicated to your credit union.

Be happy.  Contact MAP today about getting the solutions and results you’re looking for.