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Working with industry-leading technology companies and service providers, we leverage core competencies to deliver the most innovative and practical solutions to client credit unions.

MAP Training Solutions

We provide comprehensive training for the life of our agreement with client credit unions. MAP is your first point of contact for all your training, client services and implementation research.

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Member Engagement

To foster member engagement, MAP supports multiple solutions for credit unions to build stronger relationships, enhance member satisfaction, and drive sustainable growth. Placing member experience at the center of all we do ensures that our client credit unions are able to tailor their payment solutions specific needs of their members. This approach involves actively listening to member feedback, understanding their preferences, and continuously improving to provide the best possible experience. Central to this tailored approach is providing and supporting user-friendly online and mobile banking platforms, efficient digital service delivery, and seamless digital interactions are vital for meeting members’ expectations and keeping up with evolving technological trends.

Call Center Support

Member cardholder support is available 24x7x365

Member Access Processing provides world-class 24/7 cardholder support services from Visa’s U.S. and international call centers. The call center can provide account support for card activation, hot carding, Verified by Visa, turnkey fraud monitoring and case management using Falcon Fraud Manager as well as handily Dispute Services and Mobile Wallet services issues. The call center support is available on a 24x7x365 basis. Member cardholders may also access automated VRU system 24x7x365.

Call Center Services include:

  • Activating new cards and assign temporary passwords
  • View card program information
  • View detailed transaction information
  • Update profiles
  • Status of an account to lost/stolen, and optionally order replacement cards
  • Request PIN mailers 
  • Post adjustments 
  • Creates new dispute cases
  • Performs preliminary investigation 
  • Manages cardholder communications within prescribed time frames
  • Comprehensive Falcon monitoring
  • Falcon Expert and Flash Fraud Rules management
  • Confirmation calls to members to investigate suspicious transaction activity
  • Account blocking for high-risk and confirmed fraud cases
  • Communication of blocks and confirmed fraud activity
  • Optional language line translation service for non-English speaking cardholders
  • Daily and monthly statistical and operational reports

Campaign Solutions

Keeping your cardholders engaged is Challenging

In collaboration with our partners, MAP has developed the lifecycle marketing tools and resources to help make your credit union’s card marketing efforts a success. Whether you’re acquiring new cardholders or growing transactions from existing membership, MAP has a developed this step-by-step guide and a library of turn-key collateral help you identify portfolio objectives and devise an effective strategy to reach them.

To stay competitive and relevant in today’s marketplace you need to:
  • Provide a seamless, end-to-end customer experience
  • Offer customers the right products and offers at the right time
  • Be the “default” card across both physical and digital wallets
  • Develop an omni-channel plan to ensure there is a consistent experience across devices

ATM Driving Services

Reduce costs and improve prove performance across your ATM Fleet

MAP’s ATM Driving solution gives you the tools to manage and streamline your ATM program. MAP supports a wide range of ATM driving device types and a variety of cash and non-cash transactions. We provide a selection of special features — including language and marketing options — to expand your ATMs’ appeal and increase ATM revenue streams. Reports and back-office tools, including access to real-time ATM monitoring via a web browser, help you effectively manage your ATM service and monitor the success of your program.


ATM Terminal Driving

MAP's ATM driving helps to consolidate all of your card and ATM processing, helping to reduce the number of technical interfaces and vendors you manage. MAP drives your terminals, with the ATM volume included in your transaction totals — helping you move to more favorable pricing thresholds, reducing your overall electronic processing costs. Our ATM-driving solution can reduce costs and enhance the profitability of your ATM investment.

Streamline operations

All network adjustments and charge backs are entered through a PC workstation located at your financial institution, streamlining exception item processing.

ATM Administration

MAP provides online, terminal-based applications to assist in ATM management.

Surcharge-Free ATM Networks

Participate in the Largest Network of Surcharge-Free ATMs

ATM Monitoring

MAP provides fully automated device monitoring, notification, and fault reporting provides prompt notification and escalation when faults occur.

Digital Member Service

The Digital Member Service platform empowers credit unions to more easily interact and co-pilot their member’s experience, enabling a better and, ultimately, more successful communication experience.

Key Features and Benefits to Support your Credit Union Members
Call Visualizer

Call Visualizer helps you improve first-call resolution, average handle time, and customer satisfaction. Empower your representatives to add immediate context to any phone conversation by tying offline phone calls to live web sessions where they can take advantage of live observation, CoBrowsing, video & surveys.

Call Visualizer is designed to work with your existing phone system and embed within your CRM and business applications. It delivers rich visual engagement to your agents, allowing them to have instant live observation and full, dual-cursor CoBrowsing capabilities to better support customers. With the click of a button, Call Visualizer allows you to transform any support call into a fully immersive visual engagement with rich context for faster and more intelligent conversations. Agents can deliver a more personal touch by adding one-way or two-way video to phone conversations.

AI Management

AI Management module provides the framework to provision, measure, and manage AI-driven Virtual Assistants to converse with your customers, and Operator Assistants to guide agents.

Deploy AI in Different Ways

Members love card rewards.

A solution to increase card activation & usage across your membership

Sixty percent of US adults cite rewards as a top reason for adopting a credit card. As a result, major players are launching all sorts of unique rewards offerings as a means of acquiring customers. The MAP fully flexible Loyalty Rewards Program lets cardholders earn loyalty rewards for everyday purchases, while you gain their loyalty and other benefits with the loyalty rewards program.

  • Cross-sell retail products
  • Retain debit and credit cardholders
  • Increase card usage
  • Rewards for your members
  • Cost-effective loyalty rewards program
  • Customization to your needs

ampliFI Loyalty Solutions is a data-driven, industry-leading loyalty and engagement provider, offering custom rewards programs for financial institutions nationwide. With over 25 years of innovative experience, ampliFI delivers branded loyalty programs for credit and debit cards tailored to financial institutions. Being a pure loyalty program provider, ampliFI is provider agnostic, giving clients flexibility integrating into their existing processing relationships.

ampliFI’s robust and innovative solutions include a suite of real-time rewards, unique earning and redemption opportunities, total relationship rewards, and full cardholder support. ampliFI gives issuers the power to customize and manage their program to align with their market strategies and provides data analytics that highlights performance and engagement insights on cardholder behavior to drive positive ROI. The company is headquartered in Naperville, IL, with an on-site customer contact center, as well as PCI compliant operations. ampliFI is influencing and supporting over 10 million cardholders and is Visa’s exclusive domestic provider for their loyalty product.

Built with expansive technology and thoughtful strategy, the RAZR engagement platform provides marketing automation, CRM, rewards, loyalty and analytics to drive profitable behavior change.

RAZR runs 300 loyalty programs in the United States and has 92% of the credit unions in Canada on their solution. It’s time to up your loyalty game and deepen member engagement:
  • Increase products per household
  • Attract new members
  • Decrease member attrition
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Experiences
More Choices

We combine catalog access to millions of products from major retailers, expansive gift card offerings alongside our live event tickets and top-notch travel reservation system to deliver a single, unified redemption experience.

  • Fresh Inventory. Direct-from-vendor inventory allows immediate access to the newest products and trending brands.
  • Top Travel. Robust and direct access to airline and worldwide hotels and resorts inventory provides near limitless travel option.
  • Customized Storefronts. Unique options for curated and trending products to match your brand and loyalty offering.
  • Instant Gratification. Our in-store pick up option and electronic gift cards enable to you provide same day rewards redemptions.

Dispute Management

Turn dispute processing over to the Experts

MAP provides the expertise to maximize your credit union’s disputed transaction recoveries.

Effectively resolving disputed transactions requires specific knowledge of consumer laws and network operating regulations. MAP continually works with Visa and our credit union clients to streamline the dispute-resolution process to eliminate invalid disputes and responses, simplify rules, and reduced the overall resolution time frames. Our unique insight into dispute regulations coupled with our leading-edge systems offers a dispute resolution resource that can deliver significant business benefits.

With our Dispute Analysis Support (DAS) Team, you can turn dispute processing over to experts that will manage these claims for your institution. Our knowledgeable DAS Team has vast experience with all aspects of dispute resolution management and understands the best ways to maximize recoveries.

DAS analysts are fully trained in network dispute resolution. Beginning with an analysis of each case for recovery potential, DAS tracks and reports on all aspects in the dispute process life cycle.

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