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Prepaid / Gift

MAP’s Visa Branded Prepaid Card
is a pay-as-you-go, reloadable card that can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

MAP offers two primary Prepaid Card offerings: Gift and General Purpose Reloadable. You can choose either one or a both solutions to achieve your membership goals. Processed on the Visa prepaid platform, MAP offers a highly secure, flexible prepaid product and processing solutions that allows your credit union to build a prepaid card solution to best fit your needs and goals. Our comprehensive prepaid card processing platform offers a combination of features and network options – PIN, POS and ATM and surcharge-free network solutions. MAP’s scalable, reloadable platform and systems enable your institution to select only the functions you need to support your business requirements, differentiate product offerings, and take advantage of new product opportunities. MAP’s prepaid card solutions are designed to help you build and expand your existing card portfolio and efficiently serve targeted member groups.

General Purpose Reloadable (GPR)

Discover the advantages of Prepaid Visa

The MAP Visa-branded General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Prepaid Card delivers a complete array of product features, solutions and functionality. Your institution has much more flexibility and product features to choose from, including Visa Debit, PIN POS, ATM access, and Surcharge-Free ATM offerings. Our full-featured card platform is also reloadable. MAP General Purpose Reloadable Prepaid products provide each client with desktop tools to perform Instant Issuance, web-based load and management of card stock inventory.

MAP General Reloadable Prepaid Card solutions include:

  • A VISA branded, general prepaid reloadable card, accepted at any location that accepts VISA.
  • Reload capabilities: Non-personalized cards can be reloaded up to twenty four (24) times after the initial load. Personalized cards can be reloaded an unlimited number of times.
  • ATM and PIN POS access through the PLUS and CULIANCE networks. Cardholder personalized PIN select option available via the web.
  • Card life of (24) months from the date of card stock order.
  • (27) attractive card styles from multiple Card Design Collections that feature financial, youth, brand, and scenic themes. (Minimum: (25) cards per style, (100) cards per order).
  • A maximum card balance of $2,000 (you can change the maximum balance amount).
  • A minimum card load of $10.00.
Browser-based desktop tools for credit unions to manage:
  • Immediate card activation
  • Ordering card stock
  • Direct Deposit
  • Remote Deposit Capture with the Ingo Money mobile application (

Search, add, delete and update

From basic cardholder or account number search to robust name search capabilities, it’s easy to find and work with the data you need.

Maintenance history

See a comprehensive history of any actions taken on your cardholder and who performed them.

Monitor call center activity

Review Visa call center card activation and hot card activities to stay abreast of actions taken on behalf of your cardholders.

Card management

Submit card orders or inquire about status.

Gift Card

The gift Everyone wants to get!

The MAP Visa-branded Gift Card is a customer friendly product that can be deployed throughout your financial institution and branches with ease and efficiency. We provide all the tools necessary to support your Instant Issuance of Visa Gift Cards that allow immediate card use by your customers.

MAP Visa Gift Card solutions include:
  •  A Visa branded, signature-only card is accepted at any location that accepts VISA.
  • Thee cards will have a life of (84) months from when the credit union orders their card stock.
  • (44) attractive card styles featuring key themes such as holiday, birthday, graduation, and many more. (Minimum: > > (25) cards per style, (100) cards per order).
  • The maximum card balance is $2,000 (you can change maximum balance amount).
  • The minimum load is $10.00. 

Virtual Prepaid Card

Limiting Risk for you and your members

MAP is speeding up the process for your credit union members to have access to Prepaid funds! The MAP Visa-branded Prepaid Virtual Card (General Purpose Reloadable) GPR is now available for purchase and delivered instantly for activation and use.

 MAP’s Prepaid Virtual Card solutions include:
  • Unlimited reload capability via ACH, In-Branch, ReadyLink, or Online
  • Card life of 2 years from date it is ordered or sold by your credit union
  • Maximum card balance is $2,000 with no minimum card load
  • The Prepaid Virtual Card works anywhere a VISA Debit card is accepted
How it Works
  • Member can follow the retrieval and activation instructions sent to their email address when sent a virtual card
  • At point of purchase, Visa account information is entered online as a normal VISA card during checkout
  • Spend limited to amount on card
  •  The virtual card is a digitally generated combination of payment card details – 16-digit card number, like on any VISA card, name, expiration date and a security CVV code – everything that comes with your physical reloadable card
  •  Cardholder can copy the PAN from the CWS and paste it into a web browser to make online purchases faster

ReadyLink Network

Reload Visa Prepaid at more than 60,000 ReadyLink 60,000 ReadyLink locations nationwide

MAP, in partnership with Visa, was an early adopter of ReadyLink ATM Network, an innovative service that lets consumers quickly and securely add funds to Visa Reloadable Prepaid Cards at retail locations and through cash-accepting ATMs. ReadyLink uses a load partner’s existing payment acceptance infrastructure and once funds are loaded onto a card, they’re ready for immediate use.

Adding funds to your reloadable Visa Prepaid card is easy with Visa ReadyLink

It’s fast and easy to load additional funds to your card at places conveniently close to where you live, work or shop. Visa ReadyLink-enabled cards can be reloaded at a growing number of locations nationwide, including:

  • Safeway
  • Carrs
  • Dominick’s
  • Genuardi’s
  • Pak ‘n Save
  • Pavilions
  • Randalls
  • Vons
  • Tom Thumb
  • 7-Eleven® ***
How to reload with Visa ReadyLink

First, look for the Visa ReadyLink symbol on the back of your card or contact your card issuer to find out if your card is enabled for Visa ReadyLink.* Next, look for the symbol on the door, kiosk or register at participating merchants. The symbol means the merchant is able to reload your card through Visa ReadyLink.

All MAP Prepaid General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Cards are ReadyLink enabled.

If you need help finding a participating merchant, search for a reload location near you: Visa ReadyLink Locator Map

Take your card and cash to a cashier or self-service kiosk. The cashier will swipe your card and accept your cash. At a kiosk, you’ll swipe your card and insert the funds. Then, get your receipt and enjoy immediate access to the funds added to your prepaid card account, upon approval by your card provider.**

Visa ReadyLink is an optional service for Reloadable Visa Prepaid card issuers and may not be available on your card. Contact your card issuer for additional information.
** Retailer may apply a Visa ReadyLink reload fee.
*** Available at participating 7-Eleven® locations. 7-Eleven® is a registered trademark of 7-Eleven, Inc.

More than 60,000 ReadyLink
Locations Nationwide

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