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Employee and Customer Incentive Solutions

Reloadable prepaid cards are an effective, easy-to-administer solution for incentive programs including consumer promotions and employee rewards.

Consumer Promotions

MAP Prepaids are an effective solution for driving customer excitement and appreciation, while creating results for your small business. You can offer a number of promotional programs—from automobile test drives to new product trials. Plus, they’re flexible and faster to execute than traditional promotional rewards.

Some benefits of using reloadable prepaid cards to distribute payroll are:

> Automobile test drives
> New product trials
> Sweepstakes-based incentives
> Subscription-based incentives (such as cable television or cell phone subscriptions)
> Customer goodwill and appreciation programs
> Tradeshow traffic builder


Reloadable prepaid promotional program benefits:

> Allows for tailoring to achieve desired results
> Faster to execute than traditional incentive solutions
> Offer choice and value to consumers
> Provide an opportunity to promote a custom marketing message
> Build brand awareness with each card usage

Employee Rewards

Show your employees how you value their commitment by letting them choose a reward that’s both personal and meaningful to them. Reloadable prepaid cards from MAP are an innovative and effective alternative to recognizing employee performance, sales activity, health and wellness, and more. They can help you motivate employee behavior, improve employee satisfaction, and increase loyalty and commitment. Reloadable prepaid cards can even help reduce operating costs and streamline program administration making it easy for you to give employees the choice they want and the recognition they deserve.


You reloadable prepaid employee rewards program can:

> Offer choice and value to employees
> Be tailored to achieve desired results
> Reduce operating costs for administering your program
> Provide an opportunity to promote a custom marketing message
> Build loyalty with each card usage


Since the cards are reloadable, your promotion and incentive cards can extend beyond the initial use. As the issuer, you can determine how the recipient can extend the life of the card.

Let our experts help you determine how you can best utilize reloadable prepaid cards to provide promotion and incentive solutions for your credit union, business, and customers.

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