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The Options are Almost Endless

We don’t provide a product, MAP Prepaids offers a platform and expertise that allows you to create customized reloadable prepaid card solutions that your members need, the options are almost endless.

MAP Prepaids reloadable cards are an easy and smart alternative to cash and check cashing fees. Our platform offers a combination of features and network options – PIN, POS and ATM and surcharge-free network solutions that you define by product, joined under the universal brand of VISA. You have the flexibility to define products by time based life-span rules or reload life-span rules.
Your members will appreciate the features available through your MAP Prepaids cards; reloadable, no-fee/low fee options, web balances, call center support and ATM access to just name a few.
MAP’s scalable platform enables your institution to select only the functions you need to support business requirements, differentiate product offerings, and take advantage of new product opportunities.
Our platform is divided into two main product differentiators, time-based programs and reload-based programs .

You can develop a portfolio of card solutions for either or both platform programs. You are in control! No matter what your needs, you will enjoy:

> The ease of use
> Low cost of entry
> Security
> Visa brand recognition and wide availability of use
> Cards that are reloadable and replaceable
> Instant card issue and activation
> 24/7/365 Call Center Support
> A trusted business partner with you every step of the way as you develop your card portfolio, educate staff, and launch your card solutions

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