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ReadyLink Network

MAPrepaids, in partnership with Visa®, is an early adopter of ReadyLink, an innovative, new service that lets consumers quickly and securely add funds to Visa® Reloadable Prepaid Cards through cash-accepting ATMs. ReadyLink uses a load partner’s existing payment acceptance infrastructure and once funds are loaded onto a card, they’re ready for immediate use.

There are approximately 80 million “underserved” consumers in the U.S. who either don’t have a traditional bank account or have limited access to credit. Visa® Reloadable Prepaid Cards allow these consumers to enter the financial mainstream and enjoy the access, convenience and security of a Visa® card. And because it’s prepaid, cardholders can typically get a card without a credit check or prior bank account. Visa® ReadyLink increases the utility of their card by allowing consumers to add funds to their card accounts at 1000’s of cash-accepting ATM locations.


> Safeway
> Carrs
> Dominick’s
> Genuardi’s
> Pak ‘n Save
> Pavilions
> Randalls
> Vons
> Tom Thumb
> 7-Eleven® ***


How to reload with Visa ReadyLink

First, look for the Visa ReadyLink symbol on the back of your card or contact your card issuer to find out if your card is enabled for Visa ReadyLink.*
Next, look for the symbol on the door, kiosk or register at participating merchants. The symbol means the merchant is able to reload your card through Visa ReadyLink.

If you need help finding a participating merchant, search for a reload location near you: Visa ReadyLink Locator Map.

Take your card and cash to a cashier or self-service kiosk. The cashier will swipe your card and accept your cash. At a kiosk, you’ll swipe your card and insert the funds. Then, get your receipt and enjoy immediate access to the funds added to your prepaid card account, upon approval by your card provider.**

* Visa ReadyLink is an optional service for Reloadable Visa Prepaid card issuers and may not be available on your card. Contact your card issuer for additional information.
** Retailer may apply a Visa ReadyLink reload fee.
*** Available at participating 7-Eleven® locations. 7-Eleven® is a registered trademark of 7-Eleven, Inc.

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