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Teen and College Card Solutions

Your members want to teach their children the value of money and how to make smart financial decisions.


They want their teens to learn through experience without getting into financial trouble. Reloadable prepaid cards offer the security your members need and their teens the freedom to make smart financial decisions.

Benefits to parents

> Powerful financial education tool because reloadable prepaid cards helps your teen learn budgeting through managing the prepaid amount on the card.

> Parental control with online tracking of purchases and spending limits, making it easy to address financial responsibility.

> Safer than cash because if it’s lost or stolen, you are protected. You’ll pay nothing for unauthorized purchases.

> Peace of mind in case of emergencies, while your teen is traveling, or for everyday errands.

> Convenient alternative to running to the ATM every time your teen needs money.


Benefits to teens

> Independence to make responsible purchases without having to borrow a credit card or carry lots of cash.

> Flexibility to use it everywhere that accepts Visa debit cards.

> Smarter than cash because MAP’s reloadable prepaids enables teens to learn about financial responsibility and managing their own budget.

> Security because only the teen can use the card, and online account information is password protected.

> Always the right gift because parents can authorize family or friends to put money on the card. It’s faster and safer than mailing a check or giving cash.


Let our experts help you determine how you can best utilize reloadable prepaid cards to provide teen financial education solutions for your credit union, business, and customers.

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