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Working with industry-leading technology companies and service providers, we leverage core competencies to deliver the most innovative and practical solutions to client credit unions.

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We provide comprehensive training for the life of our agreement with client credit unions. MAP is your first point of contact for all your training, client services and implementation research.

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Reports & Analytics

MAP’s Data Analytics & Performance Solutions gives you insights into your credit union’s transactions, cardholders, interchange, merchants, and fraud. Our data warehousing and analytics solutions deliver easy access to the information needed to help optimize portfolio performance, address fraud, and grow your payments business.

On-Demand Reporting

Member cardholder support is available 24x7x365

MAP produces a diverse set of reports, each of which contains a carefully selected set of data designed to help the credit union perform a specific function in the management of its processing. Reports are available on-demand are generated by the user on an ad-hoc basis and provide near-real-time data.

Standard, On-Demand Report types


These reports provide summary and detail information for services that are transaction-related.

Risk Management

These reports provide operational, statistical, and case-creation data that can be used by your institution to stay current on the Risk Management services provided on behalf of your credit union.

Security Reports

These reports provide maintenance, audit, and security access information for all users associated with your financial institution.

Financial Reports

These reports include all relevant system totals that are used to determine your institution’s settlement.

Data and Visual Insights (VDM)

Create dynamic Data Insights with Visa Data Manager

MAP data insights provide valuable and actionable information that can be derived from our state-of-the-art data mining solutions, Visa Data Manager (VDM) offers enterprise-level insights for every element in your portfolio by leveraging data you already maintain or use for business decisioning:
  • Marketing and diagnostic reports
  • Detailed historical transactions
  • Cardholder records
  • Interchange data
  • Fraud  data
VDM also supports dynamic dashboards that generate charts and graphs “on the fly” based on newly entered or changed parameters providing information and access to both operational data and key business metrics for the user. Additional dashboards provide access to transaction volumes, merchant network change, and fraud.

Data Analytics

Driving Portfolio Performance

MAP is committed to the success of your card portfolio strategy and will continue to provide a wide array of market analysis. We use consumer research, product analytics and benchmarking tools to support your product development and management activities. Our advanced performance solutions offer your credit union actionable business insights, including the latest trends, proven data-driven services, solutions to grow your card portfolio, and optimized investments to improve performance. Together, we’ll identify solutions and design an overall portfolio solution that addresses key member necessities and create optimized cardholder journeys that can grow revenue and increase member satisfaction.
Supported solutions include:

Applied Portfolio Analytics

Monthly and annual card portfolio analysis and reports delivered as a service. Clients choose from standardized reports to be delivered monthly, supported by insights from the MAP Portfolio Analyst and MAP Product SMEs.

Ad-hoc Portfolio Reporting

Delivered as a service, MAP provides a series of ad-hoc reports intended to address the occasional and/or urgent reporting needs of clients, outside the scope of the client’s chosen reporting package.

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