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Settlement & Billing

With MAP, you will no longer need to track individual settlement times and reconcile multiple accounts. All connections are settled at once a day, 365 days a year with funds moved on banking business days. MAP helps you reduce staff costs by helping by providing you a single settlement position rather than with multiple networks that each with their own settlement period.

Single-Point Settlement

All connections are settled at once a day

MAP offers “single point settlement,” which means you will settle one time each day. With our simplified single point settlement, you no longer need to worry about individual settlement positions for multiple network cut-off times. We will provide you with daily activity reports so you can book the appropriate entries to your internal general ledger accounts. MAP works with major corporate credit unions and we can arrange daily transfer of funds to settle your card activity. If you do not have an existing relationship with any corporate credit unions, we will be happy work with you to establish a corporate settlement account at your institution of choice. 

Enhances information management by providing one set of daily settlement reports for all ATM / point-of-sale (POS) network activity

Provides configurable settlement report totals for efficient posting to Demand Deposit Account (DDA) and general ledger accounts

Requires only one wire transfer per day

Streamlines exception processing by integrating all accepted exception items into the daily settlement system.

Daily Settlement

MAP offers Single Solution for your credit union's settlement

Each day, MAP determines a single net settlement position for all your accounts and produces all associated data files and reports. The settlement position is a single total of the net debits and credits registered to MAP and MAP acts as the master of settlement in determining your daily net position. Each banking business day, MAP initiates a single wire transfer to or from your financial institution to satisfy your daily settlement obligation. Interchange fees for credit and debit transactions are paid to the credit union each day as part of their wire transfer positions. Finally, MAP will make a data file available daily for internal reporting and reconciliation.

Transparent Billing

Depend on MAP to always be upfront and honest about costs.

MAP provides a clear and easily understandable billing process in which all charges, fees, and expenses associated with a credit union processing, presented in a straightforward manner. The goal is to ensure hidden or unclear fees are eliminated, so you know exactly what you are paying for and how much they you are being charged. MAP’s monthly billing statement provides a clear breakdown of all costs by product, itemizing each fee separately. The credit union is about see the details of its charges and readily identify the product or service expense. MAP is committed to building trust with our client credit unions. We believe that transparent billing is the baseline for serving our clients and the best way to ensure a lasting and respectful relationship.

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