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Better Rewards. Better Returns.

For the cost of traditional credit rewards program, VISA SIGNATURE cardholders spend 3.4 time more and generate 50% higher interchange.

U.S Consumer Credit Card Issuer Benchmark Study, Visa Research.

Non-Rewards To Rewards Upgrade Opportunity

  • 13%-8% Upgrade to Traditional Rewards

    (Targets 21% of Purchase Volume)

  • 20% Upgrade to Visa Signature

    (Targets 20% of Purchase Volume)

Give your members unparalleled travel perks and more with a Visa Signature card from MAP.

Rewards credit cards still present one of the biggest opportunities for revenue growth. Rewards cardholders spend more (1.5 times more for Visa Traditional Rewards; 3.4 times more for Visa Signature). They’re also more likely to make a rewards card their primary payment choice. As illustrated below, approximately 20% of non-rewards accounts spend enough to target for an upgrade to a Visa Signature card.

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