Our Commitment to Credit Unions

As an institution committed to serving credit unions and their members, MAP has earned a reputation as a valued “Partner” with our client credit unions.  With that honor, MAP attains the highest retention rates in the payments industry. Our special relationship with our clients not only differentiates our company; it affords our owners and clients the unique ability to drive their card programs beyond what like-sized institutions can offer.  Our clients are building innovative payment solutions for their members – programs that generate revenue and grow their institution.

At MAP, our business was founded on providing credit unions with the industry’s best card processing technology at a price they could afford.  This is a business model we have been building upon and improving for more than 20 years.  Today, MAP is able to offer the best service in the industry because we understand that the latest technology and lowest price only have value to a credit union when combined with meaningful service.  In short, we “get it.”  Credit unions have limited time and resources to invest in card processing and network services and they need more than a provider.  They need an advocate.

The Industry’s Leader in Digital Payments


The speed, safety and reliability of Visa’s electronic payments network is making it possible for individuals, governments and businesses to do more now than ever before. Digital currency will continue to drive progress, producing a more connected and powerful global economy.

As a Credit Union Service Organization, Member Access Pacific (MAP) serves as an advocate for credit unions in the card processing industry. For over 20 years, MAP has been a stable and trusted card-processing services partner for the area’s largest and smallest credit unions. MAP offers the right mix of experience and expertise to help credit union members feel safe when using our products, while helping client financial institutions reach their potential no matter their asset size or goals.

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