The scope of card processing and network services is vast and complicated, requiring countless hours of service and training.  Some processors use this to their advantage to enhance their profits through multiple processing fee and fee-for-service arrangements. MAP, on the other hand, offers a straightforward pricing structure, eliminating hidden fees and freeing our credit union clients from unknown and unpredictable expenses. Our experienced team of professionals is known for safe-guarding the interests of our client credit unions and their members, continuously seeking opportunities to reduce client costs and find opportunities for operational efficiencies.

The MAP Advantage

Programs processed by MAP perform better everyday.
  • MAP clients see an average 19.1 transactions per cardholder per month compared to the VisaNet average of 16.4. The national average for most credit unions is about 12 transaction per cardholder per month.

With MAP, our credit union clients gain a comprehensive processing solution and single-point access to Visa payment products and services. Member Access Pacific provides a complete processing solution distinguished by leading-edge technology and exceptional client service.

Currently, Visa maintains 25 regional and national network interfaces, is certified with more than 30 software vendors, and currently supports interfaces to 3rd party providers for products such as loyalty and rewards offerings through Augeo and Breakaway.

By any measure, Member Access Pacific (MAP) services are considered fundamentally superior to those available within the industry, distinguished by a combination of proven technology, price and exceptional client service.  MAP started as a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) to provide debit and credit card processing and ATM services for credit unions.  This remains MAP’s core business for which it is recognized and respected within the industry.

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